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Développeur PYTHON Web Data Engineer – Yaoundé


Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon


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Permanent / CDI


Informatique - Electronique - Numérique


Ingénieur informaticien

In order to develop high-performance openData, webData, and machine learning models, TERINNOVA and other companies need a large volume of specific data. As of today, no reasonably priced data harvesting solution exists. Therefore,
TERINNOVA is launching its own innovative Medical platform and openData platform for governements. It uses the power of the blockchain to gather a community that will produce and monitor the required data on demand and get paid for their contribution.

TERINNOVA is a african's company with over 3 years of expertise in the field of applications developments (Web, CMS; OpenData, BigDataEngineering, DevOps,…). Its objective is to offer the perfect adapted solutions to businesses.
Missions / Responsabilités / Activités
Main Mission
You will join a team to design and develop the backend of our new data centric platform.
Collaborate in english as primary language and french as secondary language


  • Develop the backend (micro) services.
  • Integrate Data from multiple sources into a platform
  • Participate in the platform architecture from the beginning.
  • Integrate the blockchain.
  • Develop modules to ingest Data from external datasource
  • Work in cooperation with the blockchain and UI teams.
  • Ensure the quality of what you produce by writing a full set of tests.
  • You will work from cameroon with your team in Senegal
Compétences / Exigences / Qualités
Required Profile
  • Good Python developer with projects experience.
  • Able to make beautiful architectures.
  • Good understanding of BigData principels
  • Understanding of openData governance
  • Strong understanding of serverless architectures (AWS, GCP, etc.).
  • Strong understanding of blockchain technologies.
  • Good analytical skills, ability to understand and resolve anomalies.
  • Autonomous and good at priorities management.

Advantages of the job

  • You will join a joung dynamical and international  team to develop an innovative project
  • You’ll have a great impact on the project.
  • We are a family. Strong bonds are connecting everyone, inside and outside the job.
Profil du candidat
Documents de candidature
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