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Biomonitoring Officer – Sangmélima

African Wildlife Foundation

Sangmélima, South (Sud), Cameroon


02 Sep. 2022


Non spécifié


Environnement - Développement durable


Ingénieur écologue ou ingénieur en environnement

Biomonitoring Officer
Missions / Responsabilités / Activités

Supervise field activities and quality data collection

  • In close collaboration with the LM TA, organize field missions for all planned surveys and monitoring;
  • Participate in field missions and provide guidance to field teams on quality data collection;
  • Train participants in proper data gathering and entry into the field devices; and,
  • Verify the quality of survey data and treat appropriately in person or remotely.
  • Support the management of camera traps deployment and ensure the camera traps database is up to date.
  • Assist in raising local community awareness conservation and project related activities. 

Database Management

  • Check for Dja Landscape data and reports that are not yet archived, and update the database;
  • Provide summary information on the objectives, the methodology and the main results; and,
  • Support in data compilation from biomonitoring, park security missions and other relevant data.
  • Facilitate the data analysis and reporting process
  • Download, verify and organize survey data as well as any other related for analyses;
  • Complete basic analyses and interpretation relevant to action in the field;
  • Organize results for inclusion in reports, comparison with previous surveys in and outside the Dja Landscape, and PowerPoint presentations; and,
  • Work with the Monitoring and Evaluation team to share key learnings and to utilize data and analyses for conservation and management purposes.


  • Organize meetings, training sessions, workshops, and public presentations of data analyses; and,
  • Provide other relevant support as requested by the LM TA and the Faro Landscape Director.
Compétences / Exigences / Qualités
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in ecology, forestry, natural resource management or another field directly related conservation;
  • At least 05 (five) years of proven field experience in conservation; knowledge and direct experience in the landscape and protected area management;
  • Proven statistics and data analysis capacities (Excel and other software)
  • Familiarity with data collection tools and analysis software (CyberTracker, SMART, GPS, camera traps, ArcGIS etc.);
  • Proven capacities in survey data analysis technics and reporting;
  • A practical and theoretical experience with distance sampling methods is an asset;
  • Ability to manage databases; experience with managing files on Box and Google Drive;
  • Experience working with NGO’s is a strong advantage;
  • Ability to work under low supervision and in remote and uncomfortable environments; and
  • Fluency in French and a good command in English
Profil du candidat
» Niveau d'expérience: Expérimenté
» Années d'expérience: Entre 5 ans et 8 ans
» Niveau Académique Minimum: Licence
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