Path of Exile 2 is most likely coming in 2022

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Action RPG fans eager to get Path of Exile 2 probably shouldn't hold their breath, as the ambitious sequel seems unlikely to launch this year. In a phone interview, the head of the studio, Chris Wilson, interviewed the endgame of the original Path of Exile on the phone and talked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the New Zealand studio. If you are a player on the Path of Exile, purchasing Exalted Orb can make you as complete as possible of the current expanded content.

Wilson said: "Due to the closure of the border in New Zealand, we have difficulties in recruiting internationally, so this has weakened the exponential growth of our asset creation team. Because we have to fight as much as possible in Path of Exile 2 during 2021. Things and see how much progress we have made. Try to complete as much work as possible, which will allow us to better understand the release date, which can be estimated, should be at the end of the year." When asked whether Path of Exile 2 Probably when it is released sometime in 2022, Wilson said: "Yes, I think it is correct." Working from home slows down production, which is a factor in the slight delay in the upcoming expansion. When Path of Exile 2 is released, players can Buy POE Currency at POECurrency as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, fans of Path of Exile are not doomed to fail. The extended version of Atlas, Echoes (coming out on January 15) will bring a bunch of new environments to the game’s broad end, some of which use assets from the sequel, and some new bosses are pursuing The new aesthetic of Exile 2. These are just small things that may close the gap when Path of Exile 2 is finally launched, because the two battles will share the same endgame content.

However, because Grinding Gear focuses on the production of Path of Exile 2, Atlas's echo may be the biggest PoE update this year. Although quarterly updates and league activities will continue as planned, they may not be so ambitious for some time. Nevertheless, having played and enjoyed the early version of PoE2 when PoE2 debuted at Exilecon in November 2019, I think it is worth the wait. If you want to know more about Buy POE Currency, please visit POECurrency.