operating procedures (SOPs) and technology solutions

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Such units can be established in-house or commissioned “as a service” from a vendor. Building a SOC in-house requires higher levels of cybersecurity maturity,

Opting for SOC managed services, on the other hand, eliminates the OPEX costs of setting up operations in-house. Additionally, such operational partnerships provide immediate access to required telecom security knowledge, as well as operational best practices and adoption guidance.

Also referred to as SOC as a Service, the managed SOC model assumes inclusive delegation of security operations center setup — from initial security assessment to SOC architecture configuration, team onboarding, and ongoing maintenance.

A managed SOC unit operates as an on-demand extension of your security operations, fully covering a spectrum of security needs such as:

L1/L2/L3 support
Automated threat detection implementation
Security analytics implementation and reporting
Custom SOC use cases implementation, based on SLAs
All of the above are approached with SIEM (Security Information Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation Response) best practices in the core.

Managed SOC is the optimal solution for local and regional telecoms as this service model offers the optimal price-to-value ratio. An experienced managed SOC provider can assist with both the technology adoption and staffing.

What you receive:

Custom security architecture configuration
SIEM/SOAR toolkit configuration
Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements (GDPR, CNPI, etc.)
Security personal resources, shared with other vendors
Case in point: Infopulse recently assisted a telecom provider with the SIEM system (Azure Sentinel) introduction and configuration. After conducting an in-depth assessment of the customer’s security architecture, security needs, and existing technology portfolio, our security specialists helped identify the priority use cases for SIEM and implement them. This has helped the provider rebalance the technology costs and improve security coverage.

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