Feem a file sharing app

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Une start-up camerounaises qui facilite le transfert des fichiers entre les appareils électroniques (ordinateur portable, smartphones et tablettes )

Hello guys my names are Tiako loic verlin. Am a web entrepreneure and a big fan of mobile apps and digital marketing. cool

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Without waisting your time lets dive into the subjects matter for today.


fee Perfect is the brainchild of fritz ekwoge. He is a polytechnique graduate student of 2007. He started working for pricewater house coopers and while there he launched kerawa.com, an online classified ads plateforme. 

According to Alexia.com for some time in 2007 kerawa.com was the most visited site by local cameroonian firms.

Feem is fee perfect first global product and it is mostly used in USA, INDIA, France.

Feem offers painless local sharing to the world using wifi and it is adapted for Windows, mac, linux, Android and IOS. 

  • why do you have to use feem?
  • Its 50× more faster than bluetooth 
  • Its secure and easy to use
  • It help connected devjces to chat among themselves.
  • how it works?
  • Download the app on Www.feem.io
  • Make sure to install the app on all your devices.
  • Activate wifi on your devices and connect them via hotspot
  • When you will open the app you will automatically see the available devices on your app.
  • Then you can start sharing files

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