What i achieved in 2022

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Why i don't do new year resolutions

What i achieved in 2022

  • I obtained a certification in digital marketing at Hubspotacademy on October 2021.
  • I Received a smartphone from my aunt in Nov 2021.
  • I published my seduction guide and career orientation ebook on Jan 2022 at Selar.
  • I deposited documents to work at Dovv still in January.
  • In February i sold a copy of my seduction guide.
  • Still in February i printed hard copies of my seduction guide and deposited it at Themadon
  • In March i continued to advertise my ebooks on my Facebook page blesa.
  • In April, May, and June i earned and achieved nothing.
  • I applied as Community manager for companies online.
  • In July 2022 i went to mimboman opep plus.
  • There i worked as cleaning agent with Assona nguimgo. I made 3 weeks there.
  • During my stay there i met Offono yannick and Mbala pamela who are members of Bdstars 237 .
  • while there i got inspired and i started writing my own light novel (The god of work) . It was edited by Assona nguimgo who is the cofounder of bdstbdstars.
  • Mr Assona told me he will convert my light novel to a webtoon and that it will be available by the end of January 2023.
  • With my money i earned at mimboman i bought some shares at Kamcurdent . At that time 1 share = 250frs.
  • In the month of August i kept reading ebooks and search for jobs online.
  • I also looked for the training school i will go during the new academic year.
  • After quitting the university of yde 1 in March 2020 my mom told me it was time for me to find a school were i could do web development.
  • In September after my search i made the best choice by registering at Digital school who is located at accacia Biyem assi.
  • I started my training in October a d in November i started blogging on doopinet.com 
  • In November 19 2022 i created my YouTube channel called Kamer apps which main aim is to advertise (mobile apps, web apps, games and animation movies) made by Africans especially Cameroonians.
  • I went further with my blogging by creating my Facebook page (kamer apps) and new  Facebook profile( Tiako loic verlin).
  • I took holidays at school on December 19th after writing my exam.
  • Since then am still learning how to do good YouTube videos.

What i couldn't achieve this year.

  • Have a job
  • Find love, i chased a girl for more than 6 months ie from January 2022 to August. With no positive results.
  • Am i desperate ?, yes

What i learned this year?

  • To do online business you need;
  • you need to have enough cash to be connected daily
  • You have to post articles and videos daily on your social media pages.
  • You need to go to events to gain some experience and share your knowledge.
  • Be patient ,read books and network with successful people who are in the same domain with you.

I wish you a happy new year and if you want to help me in one way or the other these are my contacts;

WhatsApp: +237690104564/ OM account