How to sell digital products online?

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Digital marketing secrets for dummies.

What are digital products?

Digital products are products created with the help of a smartphone or a computer.

These products can be visible with the eyes but cannot touch them. They are available in various formats that is videos, audiobooks, pdf formats.

These products can be created using softwares like Microsoft word, itop screen recorder, vsdc free video editor, audio recorders and many other softwares.

The best way to have ideas for your digital products is by answering the following questions.

  1. What can i do better than people in my quarter or city?
  2. Which are the problems i face daily that my products can solve.
  3. In what formats should i create my products and why?
  4. Who can help me create my digital products?


Me of course

How can you then start to make money online?

  • Share valuable content on your social media pages. It can be advise or your story.
  • Create an online store and redirect your Prospects to your store so they can purchase your products.
  • Be friendly when chatting with your Prospects. Make them crave for your products.
  • Facilitate your payment process so as to suit your clients and yourself.
  • Make after sale services wonderful for all your clients.
  • Share testimonials of your happy clients on social media.
  • Celebrate your best clients by offering them gifts.

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