5 mistakes to avoid in business

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Newbies lost alot of money in business because of the following

The five errors newbies make in business are;

  1. Working with family members:

It is highly inadvisable in view of all the consequences already observed. If one intends to build an empire in business, a solid company one must absolutely put subjective choices aside and act under the effects of raison. Never sacrifice his business for his family because even this family depends on this business

Spending money excessively;

When  you want to get to the top you have to limit your expenses, but many Africans when they go into business and start making money they spend savagely money in the exhibition of their wealth no! It is important to see necessary to have a financial education in order to avoid wasting money in the unnecessary things.

3 - Fear: Many Africans especially those from Europe have a common problem of fear. This doesn't mean that they are not intelligent at school and in big universities. THEy are ontop but in business they don't know how to get about it. It important to get out of your comfort zone.

4-financial and tax illiteracy:

When you lack knowledge in a field, you are naturally afraid to be rich. There is knowledge that we absolutely must have  but Africans do not like to add their value. The rich are always at conference, read  , business books. The rich pay the price to train because they know it's an investment to get to the top.


5- Poor time management:

Americans say time is money you have to know how to be strategic in managing your time because it can escape . If you don't know to organize yourself. When you want to rise to the occasion, it is smart to know and apply the lawof prosperity.

Sources of the info: Marthe Carine

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