Business ideas to launch online when your in Cameroon

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Business ideas for online hustlers

30 ideas to launch online when you live in Cameroon.

  1. Launch a dropshipping website.
  2. Launch a job search website for small workers(tailors,barbers).
  3. Launch a website selling sextoys.
  4. Create a social media who recommend skill workers to companies.
  5. Create a co working space, with wifi and office.
  6. Create a lodge for tourist in a new touristic site.
  7. Create a coffee brand that is bio.
  8. Create a construction company who specialises in building with local materials.
  9. Create a website ti sell electronic gadgets of good quality.
  10. Create a linguistic training centre.
  11. Create a job search platform for highly certified cameroonians.
  12. Create an agency to help people create and manage their business.
  13. Create a business club based on the model of the BNI.
  14. Create a new renewable energy battery used for solar panels.
  15. Create a crowdfunding platform to help launch startup's.
  16. Create a website creation agency.
  17. Create a burial organization agency.
  18. Create a dating site for the rich.
  19. Create a booking agency for taxi.
  20. Create a money transfer company cheaper than western union.
  21. Launch a building program.
  22. Create a recycling company for households garbage.
  23. Create a brewery company.
  24. Create an importation company specialises in agriculture products of high quality.
  25. Create an agency of private detective to help solve family matters.
  26. Create a cooking website for traditional meals.
  27. Create a park for kids.
  28. Create a wedding agency.
  29. Create online medical consultations.
  30. Create a game centre.

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