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Airtime purchase in Cameroon, how does it go amd which solution are available.

switch is an internet company which helps people purchase airtime to any telephone network using momo or orange money.

They do this via their app, it helps you not to withdraw money from your mobile wallet again to purchase airtime. 

how how does this app function;

  • Download the app on playstore by entering switch in the search bar this app is also available on apple store or better still via Switch.
  • After installing it , open it you will see 3 boxes  telling you to enter your payer number, recharged number, amount.
  • When you fill these boxes with the required informations,  after filling it press on pay.they will ask you to dial #150*4*4#. 
  • This code is to give you a one time password which will help you finalise your transaction.
  • After dialling it you will be ask to put in your secret code to have the one time password.
  • When you have this code gl back to switch amd and press on purchase airtime you will go to a new window
  • Here you will just enter your payer number and the 6 digit code then press on validate transaction.
  • After that you shall receive an sms telling you ,you have purchase airtime for a number.

I i hope this article helped you.

Remember to create an app , you need the following;

  • Solve a particular problem. Try to know the main aim of your app.
  • Know your target and try to know if they are ready to pay for your solution.
  • Have a good marketing strategy.
  • Have a wonderful fundraising strategy.

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