Mobile networks

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Which network offers affordable data bundles in Cameroon

Mobile networks

Hello welcome once again on my post. Call me (Apk master). Am a web entrepreneur and a fan of mobile apps amd digital marketing.

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I will be talking about telephone networks in Cameroon

  • Camtel
  • Orange
  • MTN

First of all people tends to chose a mobile network due to their relative preference and budget.

You have to know that some networks gives better depending on your quarter. The network coverage in Cameroon is 70%.

In my quarter for example the only network that gives amazingly well is Orange.

I live in the Mefou and Akono subdivision precisely in a quarter known as Mbadoumou.

If your broke and you do business online like me, i recommend you to choose the blue simcard sold by Camtel.

  • To have the blue simcard you need 1k and your id card, then you can go and purchase it at the camtel agency in Biyem assi.
  • Or you can go and buy it at entree simbok to guys selling simcard

Advantages of blue

  • By dialing *825#, then internet only you can subscribe to the bundles below;
  • 2k giving you 300mb everyday for 30 day's
  • 5k giving you 850mb everyday for 30 days.
  • Or better still you can dial *825# then choose data and calls  here you can choose the bundles for 3k .
  • This will give you Facebook,Instagram and WhatsApp unlimited for 30 days plus 4giga byte.

How to configure data on your mobile

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on wifi and network
  3. Then choose network
  4. Click on Access point names
  5. Click on Add
  6. Then fill the name and Apn 
  7. Name= Camtel
  8. Apn=camtel
  9. Then save and go back to mobile network and select network mode.
  10. For blue is better to choose LTE/4g

NB: if your worry on where to purchase airtime for your camtel sim or any other sim. I recommend you to download switchn on playstore or go to Switchn. This app helps you to purchase airtime to any network in Cameroon using momo or OM.

Orange and MTN have similar internet bundles. That is 10k for 1gb everyday for 1 month.

Nettel on his part has a unique bundle that is 2k gives you 1gb everyday for one week.

Their bundles for calls are also good.

A nexttel simcard cost 1k or 2k depending on your quarter. It is the most expensive simcard in the market. The good thing is that their network is available in most part of the country and may only disturb in mountainous areas.

Nexttel internet bundles

  • *860#
  • *865#
  • *865*64#  for 2500frs give you Facebook,Instagram and WhatsApp unlimited for one week.
  • Nexttel is the only operator which permits you to borrow airtime and convert it to internet.
  • To borrow dial this code *802#

To conclude Camtel and nexttel have the best internet and calls bundles in the market.