Alternative to orange and MTN money

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Money transfer apps in Cameroon. What are the alternatives.

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Ok let's get back to our subject matter for today. I will be talking about alternative for orange and MTN money.

Ehy has orange and MTN money dominates the market for so long?

  • You can use their services without data
  • It's free to open either an MTN money or orange money account.
  • They have an aggressive marketing strategy.
  • Many business people use these payments.
  • They are secured especially for orange money.
  • You can purchase airtime, pay electricity bills with it in no time.

The best alternative for these mobile money services is 

Express union mobile money

Express union mobile has been launched in 2016 while orange and MTN money was launched in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The late coming of Express union in the mobile money services was already the first step to their downfall in this market.

Another fact of their downfall was the fact that their services in their agency was slow and stressful.

Advantages of using EU mobile money over others.

First of all it is available on playstore. So go get it immediately.

  1. It's more secure ie when you go and withdraw money you need your pin and to give the one time password(otp) delivered by their services to your phone number. This otp is to confirm your identity before taking money. Making it impossible for someone to withdraw money from your account even if he has your pin code.
  2. It helps you buy airtime and services such as; electricity bills,school fees and examinations fees.
  3. Their mobile app is easy to use.
  4. Their transaction fees are more affordable.
  5. To create a EU mobile money account you need 1000frs +id card then go and register your self in one of their agency.
  6. You can buy in supermarkets with this account.
  7. You can save money in this app ie you have the possibility to switch between your current account and savings account.
  8. You can borrow money and pay later.
  9. You can send money via sms for example; 
  10. EM (space) telephone of the beneficiary amount your secret code. Eg: EM 697 45 01 32 5000 1977.

Other alternatives are;

Sara money 

Djangui pay

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