Easy momo mobile app

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How to pperform your mobile money transactions with less stress.

Welcome to this new tutorial, you can call me the thestreetwriter1. 

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In today's tutorial i will talk about an app called easy momo. 

This app main function is to help you perform your mobile money transactions with less stress.

It helps you to perform your transactions without dialling any code.

You just have to press buttons.

Description of the easy momo interface.

First download the app on Play store

Open it then you will see the following things

  • The header nav
  • The 2 rectangles in the middle of the screen.
  • The footer nav

The header nav has 2 buttons which are ;

The send and balance buttons.

The 2 rectangles in the middles helps users to enter the phone number of recipient and the amount you want to send to the recipient.

The footer nav has 5 buttons which are;

The send button ,favourite recipient, receive buttons, scan , profile.

What is amazing with this app is that you can send and receive money without giving your mobile money number to someone.

Click on this Link to view a Tutorial i made about this app.

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