The importance of website loading speed.

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The importance of website speed on user experience.

To determine the website speed test of your website, you can use tools like

This tool can help you determine the loading speed of your website, the performance of your website and page loading time.


How to improve website loading speed?

  • use images of 100kb of weight.
  • Use CDN links to make your website load faster.
  • Use a nice hosting provider eg
  • Use frameworks when coding.


The website loading time of your website should be below 15 seconds to increase user experience on your website.

what is website performance?

Factors which determine website performance metrics are as follows;

  1. First contentful paint: this is how quickly content like text or images are painted onto your page. A good user experience is 0.9 seconds or less according to first contentful paint score is 552 milliseconds.
  2. Interactive: how long it takes for your page to become fully interactive. A good user experience is 2.5 seconds or less . Nearshop.cmscore is 719 milliseconds.
  3. Speed index: how quickly the contents of your page are visibly populated. A good user experience is 1.3 seconds or less . score here is 767 milliseconds.
  4. Total blocking time: how much time is blocked by scripts during your page loading process. A good user experience is 150 milliseconds or less. score here is 0 milliseconds.
  5. Largest contentful paint: how long it takes for the largest element of content eg a hero image to be painted on your page . A good user experience is 1.2 seconds or less . score here is 830 milliseconds.
  6. Cumulative layout shift: how much your pages layout shift as it loads. A good user experience is a score of 0.1 or less. score is 0.01 seconds.


why speed optimization is important?

  • High speed ensures an impressive user experience.
  • Speed affects the SEO rankings of a website.
  • Speed affects conversions


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