Differences between businessmen and an entrepreneurs

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Differences between a businessman and an entrepreneur

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Lets dive into the subject matter for today

Differences between a businessman and an entrepreneur.

First of all who is a businessman?

According to Keydifferences , 

A businessman is a person who engages in activities related to commercial or industrial purposes.

He establishes  his company as a new entrant in the market among other existing companies with the similar purpose.

Whereas an entrepreneur is someone who develops a new business idea or concept and sees it through to completion. He is the one who bears the risks and uncertainty of the business.

key differences

  • An entrepreneur is a person who contributes his or her own unique idea to a business while a businessman starts a company from an existing concept or idea.
  • A businessman establishes his market position through strategies,hard work, management and dedication whereas an entrepreneur create his own market.
  • A businessman is just a market participant whereas an entrepreneur is a market leader as he build a business of his own.
  • A businessman nature is calculative whereas an entrepreneur nature is intuitive.
  • Entrepreneur are visionary and they set long term goals whereas business are focused on short term profit.
  • The risk for a businessman is quite low since the market is already established and uncertainty are already established whereas failure for an entrepreneur is very high.
  • A businessman uses traditional method to run his or her business while an entrepreneur employs novel methods to achieve the same goal.

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